19 May 2011

Two In Tandem # 2

Illustration by jinksy

Tempered shades narrow
to point in all directions,
bursting boundaries. 

Haiku by Elizabeth Crawford 19/5/2011

This is another collaborative post between Elizabeth and I. If you would like to play along in a similar fashion, please let either of us know. Her words for my pictures will appear here on Thursdays, and my words for her pictures will be on her Unraveling blog on Tuesdays for the foreseeable future, until we work out a better plan for including others in our experiment! 
Like Susannah, who joined in here , better late than never!

9.30am And now Thursday is really underway, here's an additional bit of fun thanks to Theme Thursday who had the original version of this gossiping picture begging me to play! 

Negative Gossip?
She told me and I told her, but then we needed to defer telling others of our plan, for first we'd need to find a man. But gossip spreads and gossips run.  And now we wish we'd not begun!

Now you can gossip all you like - as long as you are spreading the word about Two In Tandem!


  1. This is very nice. I do love that picture. The Haiku by Elizabeth is a great description.

  2. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this! LOVE it...


  3. A great idea, the collab. Gorgeous pic, matching prose. Very nice!

  4. Jinksy, thanks again for making this possible. I like this dance we seem to be doing,


  5. Excellent. Loved them both :O)

  6. Congrats to you both. Excellent idea and excellent realisation.

  7. That is beautiful! Both image and words. I do Haiku my heart on Fridays some times. And enjoy it much. There seems to be a good group of kid souls sharing there. Have a wonderful week. Good to meet you.
    E :)

  8. i share your views on gossip. it always comes back to the one that starts it.

    loved the haiku and the painting you added.

  9. I love it! Years ago, sick of gossip, a married couple and ourselves (hubby and I) decided over too many glasses of wine, to start a rumour - it was amazing what came back to us only five days later!

  10. I love both of these. I really enjoyed the image and loved Elizabeths words. I joined in too, I hope you don't mind? See here - http://panopticulated.blogspot.com/2011/05/stained-glass.html