5 May 2011

Seeds Of Change

Something is germinating, today. After discovering the poems that Elizabeth Crawford had written for April's 'Poem a Day' at Writer's Island, I contacted her, and we've been trying to work out a way of collaborating. Her words and my pictures, or vice versa. So here is the first of her words written for my illustration. The basic idea could lead anywhere - this is merely the first step.

White barked tree trunk
waves aloft deep blue essence.
Lavender perfume spills
across spring landscape

I decided to post this on Napple Notes, and Alias Jinksy, to see which, if either, blog caught people's attention.  With the lavender colour spilling over in my mind this morning, I created this flight of fancy, too.

And for Poetry Pantry here's a late addition in the same colour range!

Lavender dreams
populate my world.
With angels?
With monsters?
Only imagination
can tell the difference.


  1. Wow! Twofers! Thanks for the share and your verse will go up with my first pic next Tuedsy at http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/

    Thanks Jinksy,


  2. 2nd one especially beautiful. And I love the idea of collabs between bloggers, very cool!

  3. The fine line between angels and monsters is very fine, indeed!

  4. Beautiful work!
    Enjoyed it :)

  5. i think both are beautiful...

    that second pic is really cool...ha on the angels and monsters...i think you will find some onhabit the same body....

  6. i have done a few poems with tera (artist at olive hue designs)...