1 Oct 2010

Big Tent Poetry -Come One Come All 1st October

Try Something New

It's years since I went to a Life Class
so when one was offered nearby,
I decided I'd like to attend it -
give old drawing skills a new try.

The model was young and a dancer,
Oh, how I wanted to draw!
But then a spanner was thrown in the works-
it was something I'd not seen before.

She had to be captured in motion!
No keeping still in one place,
our eyes had to become accustomed
to drawing as though in a race

to freeze frame the shape of a sequence
of steps she repeated in space,
as we focused, and made sure our pencils
were all of them moving in haste.

There was scant chance of getting a likeness;
most of the class were content
to produce a sketch which was merely a plan
of a body, unlike my intent.

But, right at the end of the session,
there was one whole five minute pose.
and I actually managed to draw me a foot -
complete with its five dancer's toes!

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  1. How very difficult to have to draw something in motion...how wonderful it must have felt to finally achieve such a wonderful result. I enjoyed the rhythm of this poem!

  2. That is a very impressive foot ;-)

  3. I like the hands massaging the aching foot.

  4. You needed a video-camera! But you ended up with a good drawing.

  5. Difficult task. I love the sense of dance in the rhythm of this poem.

  6. I don't know how to draw when something is in motion!!

    Here is my Haibun in 55 words!

  7. Nice to see the captured toes, Jinksy!

  8. Jinksy, sounds like a great exercise and I see you captured the toes wonderfully!

  9. How interesting - great drawing - I can't imagine sketching a moving person! Nice poem!

  10. What an exciting poem! I can feel how much you wanted to dance! Wahoo!

  11. I so envy those who can draw and paint...your sketch is lovely, and the poem was fun!

  12. What fun-- the dancer's motion was caught admirably in this poem (as well as her foot)! ;-)

  13. A neat piece of narrative, witty and well-structured.