1 Oct 2010

Magpie Tales # 34

You get on my wick...

My amber oil is ready, laced with perfume, rich and heady,
but I'm a spectre at the feast -no use to man nor beast-
for I'm a lamp without a wick, and I need a new one. Quick!
One small strip of plaited cotton! How is it that you have forgotten
that without it, I am dim, cannot give the slightest glim
of gentle, mellow, warming light to illumine your winter's night?
Take pity on my wickless state and rectify this one mistake,
I beg you, help my light to shine, then the pleasure will be mine
to bathe you all from top to toe in my amber scented glow!

To get all lit up, pay a visit HERE , thanks to Willow.

And while on that subject, I'd like to say how sorry I was at missing Willow's Ball, and offer this as an apology! 

Well, I missed the ball! Quelle domage!
But in view of my Thursday's occupation,
I might have appeared in my birthday suit
which would have horrified the nation
no end. Therefore, it's just as well
that my invitation fell behind
the bureau, and lay forgotten,
by all except the spider
who spun his web wider
to catch any stray fly
buzzing by.
No doubt many a Prince Charming
spun a different web at the ball
in exactly the way the spider did,
hoping to restock his larder.


  1. Ha ha ha! I noticed there was no wick - how sad to be wickless in life ;-)

  2. You made me laugh this morning, Jingle, which is great because my poems... I actually wrote two versions of the same poem... made me feel creepy.

    I'm frightened: My Mag for this week.

  3. Julie - I think you have me mixed up with another Blogger - I'm Jinksy! LOL! It must be the J's that did it...

  4. Lovely, I love the color of this lamp and you expressed its beauty so warm and kind...bkm

  5. This is beautiful...i love every line...and it is a new favorite of yours for me! :-)

  6. Someone get that lamp a wick! lol

  7. :-) I enjoyed both of these.

  8. Very mature and confident tales...
    love your way of thinking of the lamp...
    unbeatable writing.

  9. With a wick it could have been a wick-ed pome!
    So sorry you missed the ball, I was hoping for a dance... and there were some high jinks!

  10. Amber scented glow ... conjures up all sorts of wonderful fantasies....you missed a good time ~ and we missed YOU. Stafford wondered where you were ...........

  11. First I loved the your wicked poem. Second you missed a fine time.

  12. I loved two things-
    One that you use rhyme and it seems to flow naturally. And the touch of gentle humor in your poetry..

    Look forward to more.

  13. ahem...wickless...
    smiles. nice contrast between this and the one linky sent me to...

  14. no wick, but enough wit
    to make the room feel light
    as if it has been lit

  15. The clever rhyming within a line
    Impresses me no end.
    You're a poem's best friend!

  16. To those who choose to leave a rhyme
    when they comment - that's just fine -
    but don't expect a separate line
    of thanks from me - not every time! LOL :)

    But I love you all!

  17. Oh, yes! A wick for the lamp, please. Nice touch!

  18. I know! I've gotta find a wick for this lamp! The ball was so much fun, wasn't it? My right hand is still suffering from all that dancing!

  19. "I might have appeared in my birthday suit." perhaps it is jsut as well you stayed away. All I was wearing were shoes and one sock (on loan from Willow). It looked a bit weird having one socked foot and one un-socked foot... I hope that was what I was supposed to do with it!

  20. What a fabulously light Magpie Tale that I found a delight.

    Mine is up.


  21. Oh, to be a lamp without a wick... What a fun read!

  22. The title says it all Jinksy. I loved this. Quick witted wee devil aintcha?