26 Oct 2010

Monday's Child # 18

When Lucy had a birthday,
her cards came in the post.
But can you guess
which one of these
young Lucy like the most?
Why, the one which held some money
that she could go and spend
on lollipops and ice-cream
for all her favourite friends!

Thanks to Monday's Child and the choice  of Cameron L Browne's illustration for this week's prompt.


  1. You have a real talent for these, it's just perfect, neat, musical and a little question to boot! I just LOVE it :o)

  2. Yes you do....your rhyme is just delightful..it would make a card in itself...so glad you post every week at Monday's Child....blessings...bkm

  3. ha. what a fun verse....bet this one generates a few smiles.

  4. very sweet! nicely put together! i like it a lot! thanks for visiting my blog! ...blessings...s...

  5. Wonderful, Jinksy! So true; the young'uns do like to find money in their cards.

  6. written from the heart and a child's perspective. pure enjoyment!

    warm smiles,