29 Oct 2010

Flash 55 for 29th October

Halloween's coming!
The witches draw nigh
on hovering besoms
high in the sky-
see,  cloak and hat?
How their silhouettes fly!
A familiar black cat
is often nearby,
perched on the handle,
ears all a-twitch,
long tail a-dandle,
mewling spells to the moon.
It's best you steer clear
of fast flying brooms
once Halloween's here!    

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But because I was concentrating on 55 words, this effort didn't please me! The re-worked, tidier version can be found HERE


  1. A-dandle! Love it- Thanks for the fun and rhythm.
    I did my Halloween one yesterday, by surprise-I
    did not count but it is probably longer than 55.
    Cheers !

  2. bwahaha! smiles. did they really get that wart on their nose from handling frogs?

  3. would love to go for a fast ride on such a broom...nice...

  4. Okay, I had to look up "besoms" - another word for broom, especially of the twiggy variety.

    I thought they got warts on their noses from KISSING frogs - or is it toads?

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Nice one Jinksy.
    I love Seasonal 55's
    Thanks for crossing the Atlantic to play along.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  6. Praises for our Halloween 55's. This is awesome.

  7. Fun stuff! I think I approve of you using my mother-in-law as the model for the witch silhouette but Nan, if you read this, I said no such thing! I was referring to your cat.

  8. clever witches -- they used brooms environmentally friendly and they clean up their mess where ever they go,,,,so I say three cheers for your nicely penned in praise of witches poem,


  9. What a perfect accompaniment to the Halloween season. I just knew I'd find something here that would put me in mind of the festivities tomorrow.

    All Hallowed's Eve, here we come. I wonder if she'd let us hitch a ride on her broom? By the way, isn't it fun when images like that make perfect sense? There's no "I wonder whoever thought of a flying broom, it seems incongruous." about it.

    Little kids at play, pretending they were on horse back, leading to the image of riding a broom. That and looking up to see witches zipping back and forth, of course ;-)

    Have a very happy Halloween.

  10. I feel like flying with your image...

    entertaining 55.
    well done.