4 Oct 2010

Poetry Bus for 4th October

As TFE's Bus had a little difficulty leaving its garage this week, and produced more than one destination board (not to mention driver) I have chalked up two itineraries- one, thanks to Weaver, who suggested 'Anything' as a subject, the second, thanks to NanU, who chose 'Happiness'. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice of ticket!


To write about anything?
This could be fun -
but nothing is anything...
what a conundrum!
The hole in a doughnut,
the air that we breathe -
both of these subjects
are fair game, you see,
with an 'anything' label.

But, if anything goes,
then all I shall do
is follow my nose,
(or maybe my fingers)
as they dance over keys.
I'll type out some words
in the hope they may please
the other bus passengers
out for a ride on a mystery tour,
as they sit side by side.

I'm sure they'll not moan
at my 'anything' poem -
they'll all be far too busy
wishing they'd stayed at home!

Catch As Catch Can

Happiness is fleeting; grasp it while you may
but let go of it lightly - it will come another day.

Should you try to keep it, the faster it may flee.
Greet it gladly, say "Hello!"then simply let it be.

Each moment holds potential to yield a greater joy
than any you'd envisioned - one which no one can destroy.


  1. My brains are twisting around the 'anything' poem. "Nothing is anything"? Or is everything anything? ;-)

    Love the 'happiness' poem. So true!

  2. Everything is anything that isn't nothing.
    I like Catch As Catch Can - succinct and true.

  3. Two totally unique, different works of art ... I like them both!

  4. The first one is a majestic Nonsense poem in the tradition of Lear.
    The second would look great on the inside of a greeting card or on a day by day calendar!

  5. I'm so glad you (and I) didn't stay home! This ticket is a pure pleasure.