8 Oct 2010

Poetry Bus for October 11th

"Men perspire, women glow"
we've all heard this before, I know.
But now some Japanese
researchers, if you please,
are measuring the drips of sweat
that perspiring humans get
rid of during exercise.
It will come as no surprise
that men, who sweat the most,
are then able to boast
they are more efficient,
though possibly unpleasant,
due to nasty niffs,
should nearby noses sniff
too hard. Sweating helps bodies perform
well when exercising. That's the norm,
but women cool at a slower rate,
which saves them from dehydrat-
ing  (a strategy for survival
in hot climes) while their rival
men are better at working
hard and not shirking
when temperatures rise.
Now, would I tell you lies?     (thanks for this suggested edit, Doc!)

For source material, look here:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-11492897

The Bus this week is being driven by Nimh B, who asks us to take a news item for our inspiration.


  1. Love it, Jinksy! Only you could turn sweat into poetry!:=)

  2. This made me smile, not many would write about sweat. Good onya. Blessings CML

  3. Very clever enjambment, even to the extent of dividing a word between two lines! (Mr.Stephen Fry would be delighted.) Your last line could be made more dubious. What you have leaves us in no doubt that you are telling the truth. But this reader senses a tongue very firmly in a Jinksy cheek . . and wonders whether a question in the last line would suit the tone of the poem better . . . such as "Now, would I tell you lies?"

    P.S When I was a lad, the aphorism was - "Horses sweat. Men perspire. Women glow."

  4. Thanks, Doc - that would end it on a smile! And Karen and Crystal Mary, ANY subject is fair game for a jinksy ode, sweat included. LOL :)

  5. Oh, you are AMAZING!!!! Turning news into poetry!!!! I'll read your statistics ANY DAY!!!!! Love, love, love this!!! ~Janine XO

  6. A smile a line, that was great.

  7. Ah, the kind of poetry I perspire to! Delightful, as usual

  8. What a fun poem! I was taught that horses sweat... and then the rest. Nice.

  9. Jinksy! This is a bit of a masterpiece! And I know more now than when I arrived.
    What more, I say, could one ever ask?

  10. poetic, and informative to boot!

  11. Brilliant and particularly informative!! I have learnt this from being married to farmer!!

    CJ xx

  12. There's not enough sweat in poetry these days! Well done Mrs Jinks!