19 Oct 2010

Poetry Bus for 18th October

NanU has asked us to climb aboard the bus with a ticket written far from our usual poet's corner. As my travelling has been restricted during the past week, thanks to an Autumnal affliction of the germy variety, my choice of venue has been limited, so this is a necessarily short offering which will probably only allow me to travel to the next stop, rather than the end of the line. Ting, ting! Any more fares, please?

I wrote a poem in my head
while lying in my comfy bed -
but it got lost inside my dreams
as I fell asleep, it seems!

Maybe by next week I shall be awake and firing on all cylinders.


  1. Fun one, Jinks. All tickets good for the end of the line. That's where the party is. TFE has promised us free ale. Honest.

  2. Nice one Jinksy. Well worth a ticket.

  3. Whatever poetry you pen is EXCELLENT!!! And this one is no exception! Big smiles!!! Love, your AFT~Janine XO