31 Oct 2010

Monday's Child # 19

Rabbiting On

At Roger Rabbit's party,
we were waiting to begin.
We sat down at the table,
napkins tucked under the chin.

But - he made us listen,
as he read from rustling pages,
to rather boring speeches
that waffled on for ages.

He talked so long the tea got cold
the sandwiches grew limp
and Mrs Bunny fell asleep
over the potted shrimp.

We tried hard to be patient
while Roger Rabbit read,
though we started to get worried
it would soon be time for bed!

Thanks to Monday's Child for this weeks prompt.


  1. I love reading yours aloud ... Wonderful!!! :o)

  2. This is great...sounds like someone running for office....fun read and agreed..love the rhyme in your children's poems ..they are fantastic...blessings Jinksy...bkm

  3. masterful job.
    beautiful imagination in your words.

  4. We've all been to parties like that . . . and not been able to leave before the end ;-)

  5. Those unending speeches... grrrr...!

  6. Hmmm . . got here from a blog "Poetry Pantry" But what does the route matter when the destination is so rewarding. Well wrote, Jinksy!

  7. Really cute, I can see the fat cheeked boring bunny, and the sandwiches growing limp!

  8. Great take on the image. The potted shrimp is a hoot.

  9. Lots of fun and whimsy. I like it.