7 Jul 2011

Two In Tandem # 9

By Jinksy
Hawk swoops through
autumn forest, playing
hide and seek with ever
changing shadows.

Piercing eyes spot
small movement.
She dives, releasing
cry of victory.

By Elizabeth  6/7/2011

Elizabeth Crawford caught the swift beat of wings in her words for this last minute change of my graphic for today's Tandem. 
But I've now decided to include the very different image I'd originally planned, to give people a choice of mood, if soaring wings should pass by them too quickly!
  • Write your piece - poem, prose, whatever (just not TOO long, though, eh?)
  • Post it
  • Copy and paste the URL of your post, not blog, into the Linky Widget
  • Leave a comment, then go and see what some other Blogpals have come up with! 
  • Have fun, people...


  1. Of liked all of the tandems, but I think this is my fave so far. Love the colours, and also that the seeming movement and shapes in the image are captured perfectly by the hawk.

  2. Fabulous combinations once again!

  3. Beautiful!! I like them both!!

  4. Wonderful images, especially the second one! I LOVE that.

    But because I didn't read the whole post before starting to write! I joined in and wrote something for the first image, then came back to post it and saw the second image. So I wrote something for that too.

    You'll wear me out! ;-)

    I liked the hawks and the scene painted by Elizabeths words - I could see it.

  5. Both are beautiful picture prompts!

  6. They compliment each other.

  7. Both the images brought words so quickly in my mind, that I went ahead and wrote for both!

  8. Both are wonderful, but the second one inspired me to write something... uhm... Carolina-like ;-)

  9. very nice jinksy....elizabeths really touchs well on the pic and brings it to life...really like your second as well...you are an artist...

  10. Great masterpiece here. Thanks for sharing
    yes both come out well but my eyes captured
    the second, Well done.
    Best regards