13 Jul 2011

In Tandem

graphic by jinksy
Last week Elizabeth sent me another poetic offering for our recent Two In Tandem adventure, but said it would be her last, as pressure of work means her time for playing along will be curtailed.
What I read gave me the urge to produce a picture to fit, instead of the usual practice of her writing to fit my graphic!
I'm going to post it alone, with only a Mr Linky List, so anybody who decides to use it as a prompt, will not be influenced by her interpretation. But later in the week, I shall come back and edit the post to include Elizabeth's words.***
  ***And here they are

Golden wheat sways
beneath summer skies,
feeding hungry eyes
with promise of good
things remembered,
others still to come.

By Elizabeth Crawford    11/6/2011
  • Write your piece - poem, prose, whatever (just not TOO long, though, eh?)
  • Post it on your own blog (and help yourself to my picture)
  • Copy and paste the URL of your post, not blog, into the Linky Widget
  • Leave a comment, then go and see what some other Blogpals have come up with! 
  • Have fun, people...


  1. Well, it's not that I've written anything, but I saw this picture on my list, and realised I could have me name up first! As I never come first in anything, being one of nature's downtrodden masses, I hope you'll forgive me for being so bold a fraud!

  2. Felt so mean, I went and did a post - sort of - Sorry!

  3. Like it my friend, reminds me of a bustling crowd of folk.lol.

  4. Lovely picture! I joined in again, just a quick one. :-)


  5. Another one from me :)!

  6. And here I am in person...

  7. At first I saw a frosted glass of lemonade, but lime shavings??? Didn't work; so here is what I came up with. You've made another beautiful creation, Pen.

  8. Mine is bog standard . . .

  9. I love this one... I posted it on my other blog.

  10. I am sorry I misunderstood you. I corrected my blog and gave you credit for the graphic.

  11. No problem, Laurie! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets their wires crossed from time to time - let alone their eyes! *smiles*

  12. Summer indeed! I didn't have much time, but I HAD to play. Thanks and I hope you keep this going!

  13. Jinksy I haven't written a post to go with this picture (not yet anyway) but I just wanted to tell you how striking it is. My mother is an oil painter, and this reminds me of her work, mingled with my father's watercolour creations... It says 'graphic', so I take it this is not an oil painting? A beautiful piece :)

  14. Shaista - you're right - it's graphic art, 'painted' with Tablet and Pen...