2 Dec 2010


How could I miss a chance like that? Write something weird is the request of Poets United Thursday Think Tank # 25. Hope this will do...

Spellcheck Nightmare

Writing flopsibitses
is what I do the best.
Ordnidapso poems
don't put you to the test,
but wofflynumblit dodits
of scrudabompy zest
will fill your squoozy moments
much better than the rest.
My keyboard lollyfrangles
and my brains get foglymessed
and my fingers danglycobble,
they really are a pest.
But underneath the splayjin
I'm absolutely sure
my no-pollipty nonsense
is no dafter than before.


  1. Very Jabberwocky-like. A fun read all around.

  2. Weird indeed - nicely done jinglehomply good.

  3. fun and orginal Jinksy...you have a wonderful imagination....love it...bkm

  4. that was suppose to be original Jinksy....bkm

  5. Wonderfully creative, Jinksy. You have a way with weird words!!

  6. Jinksy you made me think of Dr. Suess with this. It was a wonderful and fun poem. Thanks for sharing. You know give it a few more lazy years and those words could all actually mean something!!

  7. A fun read, talk about a mouthful! Would make a great kids' poem!

  8. A brilliant take on weirdness, Jinksy! I read your poem aloud and to my surprise, it made a sort of sense to me...I can definitely identify with squoozy moments and a foglymessed brain...LOL! A most enjoyable read...

  9. My brains get foglymessed every day! Fun poem Jinksy!

  10. LOL Very nice, and definitely weird; fun stuff. :-)

  11. how funny - i loved this - and i guess i would find no translator in the world to translate them for me...smiles

  12. It's a good thing I'm typing my response because my tongue is tied in knots, very original jinksy!

  13. Jinksy,
    An absolute overdose of weirdness!
    Wonderful play with almost every word.....

    Best wishes, Eileen

  14. lol, excellent! I feel as if a sprite, pixie or hobbit might pop off my screen at any moment!

  15. You did it! Weird and wonderful~ Fun read!