6 Dec 2010

Another Ticket For The Poetry Bus

This week it is driven by Kat, who is expecting Pub related offerings, and here is my little tail ...er...tale of a tail, I mean...

The Red Lion

Some lion cubs frolicked 
and chased their own tails
but suddenly one of them 
loosed a great wail.

"Ouch!" I've been bitten! 
My tail has turned red!
And he ran in a circle, 
"Look how it has bled!"

The lion pride laughed 
and one smart arse cub
said "Cor! Now you're 
just like the name of the Pub!"


  1. I shall never look at that particular pub sign in quite the same way again :-)

  2. I am with jabblog, now that I have that poem in my head everytime I look at that lion I will remember it!!

  3. Love it, love it, love it! (I'm thinking "Born Free" mixed up with Monty Python). I too, shall never read that sign again...


    Putting you up in the sidebar - expect a crowd!

  4. oh my...lol. silly little cubs...

  5. Was 'smart arse cub' deliberate? Whether or not, its still good fun!