Wednesday, December 8

One More For Big Kids

Ernest Aris 1947
Hopping Mad?

Six rabbits in search of a burrow
hopped all the way up to Harrow
but when they got there,
they cried out in despair -
the only one left was too narrow!

Thanks to BKM for this week's prompt over at Monday's Child. Okay, so it's Wednesday, but who's counting?


  1. Poor Bunnies...I sure hope they find some shelter and a warm stove to keep them warm...another village maybe....blessings Jinksy...bkm

  2. Hello my friend, this is a beauty and love the words too.

  3. I can imagine their frustration... they need to lose some weight... perhaps... :)

  4. The Scots have a lovely word - "wabbit" (*)
    A perfectly good rhyme for "rabbit"
    Their trip up to Harrow
    chilled them to the marrow
    but "Burrow for Rent"
    made them glad that they went.
    so a wabbit wee rabbit could grabbit.

    (*) Tired, weary, worn out.

  5. Too cute! :-)

  6. poor lil ones... love the rhyme

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