5 Oct 2011

Ready For Friday?

A quick flash in the pan for In Tandem, looking ahead to Friday, when I will be able to link this to Mr Knowitall's blog, where he has a recurring challenge to capture the imagination with 55 words.

Moonlit Odyssey

Like channel swimmer’s struggling to shore,  the stanchions fight to gain foothold in the sand, while siren song of waves lures them out to sea. Their days as foundations for a slipway have sunk beneath the waters of memory. Now they try in vain to shake the salt from their rotting timbers one last time.

N.B. My choice of words at the start of this post was entirely coincidental, but I see G-Man was on the same wavelength for his 55! *smiles* 
Now it's 3am Friday morning, and I can't sleep, so I've written another fitting 55.

I sit here like Madame Defarge,
ensure Mr Crapper looms large
by writing this crap
‘stead of taking a nap.
My words heap Blogland with discharge.

You see, they’re a flash in the pan,
which I add to, whenever I can
with humour and fun.
Jinksy’s always a one
to create a smile for G-man!

(And anybody else who happens to pass by, of course! Now I'm going back to bed, perchance to dream...)


  1. awwww lovely but quite sad that their use is no longer ...thank you x

  2. Cool, siren song eh ? Love the fortitude of their stance-thanks

  3. we each have that day, fight as we will to avoid it eh?

  4. Yes, the tide of time will wash us all away someday! Wish I could be as productive as you at 3:00 am...

  5. Two quite different yet pleasing posts. Gave me quite a smile with the second.

  6. Your first one was Awesome..
    Your second one did make me smile.
    Mission Accomplished.
    Love4d your 55's
    Thanks for playing, and your support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End..G

  7. ha - your writing always has a good dash of humour...and this i like!!

  8. Both very different - but both excellent.

  9. Yes, both very different .. and with a smile too.
    I hope you did get some sleep, eventually.

  10. The first one is stormy, and the second is fun.

    - Alice

  11. I love the first one...read it out loud to myself.

    The second one? Definitely written for the G-Man and fun for the rest of us. Thomas Crapper must be doing some extra turns in his grave this week!

  12. both posts great ~ shaking sea salt, sirens caught a hold ~
    and second was sure no flash in the pan :)

  13. A flash in the pan.... lol!

    Awesome to get TWO 55 from you Jinksy, both very different, but both equally wonderful in their own way.