18 Oct 2011

Retrospective Monday

Who dreamt that up?
Think: if Tuesday came first,
would that have come to be despised
But then,
poor Wednesday
would lose pole position
as the turning point of the week.
We know
lumbers along,
always looking ahead
to the start of a long weekend,
but then,
leaves in a rush
to fall into the arms
of Saturday night's excitement.
Oh, yes!
a day of rest
on Sunday recharges
us and the whole thing starts again.

I hope Imaginary Garden with real toads with their open link Monday, will forgive me for doing a time warp this Tuesday, with an attempt at a Crown Cinquain which they mentioned on Sunday! How many of us say we never know what day it is anyway? LOL
And now I've popped this on a shelf of the Poetry Pantry  at Poets United.


  1. Wicked indeed!!! Mondays can be so cruel!! Ha

  2. I always think Thursday is a bit rotten - because it isn't Friday yet! Good words.

  3. I've never really liked Sundays. Apart from the ice cream ones. I like those ;-)

  4. What a sensible girl you are, Carolina!LOL They are the best!

  5. Haha! You rose to the Sunday challenge all too well. This was a very different use of the cinquain, and I like how the lines ran effortlessly into each new part.

  6. I love my weekends, and also enjoy Tues - Wed - Thurs when not at work,lol.

    Great post my friend.

  7. I think any way you look at it, we all love the weekend! (yeah- it's hump day)

  8. Sunday used to be the worst day of the week for me - quite spoilt the weekend!

  9. as a child I hated Sundays. We were never allowed out as it was a 'day of rest' from US for our neighbours, and of course being stuck in the house with 6 kids used to drive everyone mad.
    Loved this explanation of every day of the week. I think Friday has always been my best day because it brings the promise of maybe 2 sleeps in. Maybe if the dog doesn't get me up to go out ... LOL

  10. This is so well constructed that it wasn't until I reached the end that I found you'd used the Crown Cinquain form. BTW when you're retired, Monday becomes the pivotal day, the day you look forward to because there's a whole week ahead to enjoy!

  11. fun argument,
    playful spirit.