26 Aug 2011

Sniff, Sniff!

A baby's skin fresh from its bath:
new mown grass: fresh coffee:
dusty pavements after the rain:
the smell of home-made toffee.

Sulphur fumes and rotten eggs:
burning rubber tyres:
dry seaweed on a muddy shore:
the remnants of a fire.

All of these may flood your nose
and keep your nostrils twitching,
but it is still a case of choice,
as to which you find bewitching!

The Thursday Think Tank is making our noses work today...


  1. Fine selection of noses to the right!

  2. True! We can always choose to smell what we like.

  3. I like the smell of the baby's skin... nice response to the prompt ~

  4. Im not nosey, but I bet you enjoyed photographing the sniffers.lol.

  5. Love it. Which is most bewitching varies with the whim.