28 Aug 2011


By Penny Smith

And days fall like leaves from our tree of life...
Each changes colour between dawn and dusk,
makes a flutter of shadow across the moon's face
before a drift of stardust claims its soul.

But morning sunbeams clothe the tree anew
with furled and pleated leaf-buds made of gold.
A day unfolds according to a plan
held deep within its very substance, hidden.

No prying eyes of those who seek to learn
its final outcome from the start, will make
it give up secrets till the appointed time
for all to be revealed, and so we wait.

And days fall like leaves from our tree of life,
before a drift of stardust claims our souls.

Linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry #64 and d'Verse Open Link Night #7


  1. A beautiful poem, Jinksy. Indeed days fall...too soon, too fast.

  2. I feel melancholy slowly creeping into the poetry world like autumn's chill. Very nice, Jinksy!

  3. This is the third sonnet I've read today - and this is my favourite kind, being in blank verse. I love the artwork which accompanies the beautiful words.

  4. Beautiful colors in your image Jinksy, and your words give them an echo, a longing to be heard.


  5. A beautiful poem Jinksy...Your shadowy leaves I've played with again. Slap my wrist! xx

  6. Naughty Junibears - this picture isn't an In Tandem offering - but I forgive you - just about! LOL!

  7. Very intriguing pic and wonderful piece you made from it.

  8. you start and end with a very visual line the days falling like leaves...very nice...and i dont know if we will ever learn all its secrets...perhaps we are not meant to...

  9. To me this is an instant modern CLASSIC, Jinksy!

    It does all unfold from a plan that cannot be rushed.


  10. Love that drift of stardust, in particular!

  11. Jinsky Ma'am,
    Beautiful poetry! It is revealing the journey of life itself with all its ups and downs. Though these are kept a secret within our privacy and private lives and only known upon demise.

    P/S I agree that my comments in Tandem#8 when reading again gave the impression of a negative comment on the painting. Hideous referred to Man as a creature hideous with all his greed, belligerence, intrigues, idiosyncrasies etc. It did not refer to the painting. Being one who appreciates and does sketches any painting to me is a beauty as crafted by the artist in his own way and his own right. Apologies to Natasha, sincere apologies!

  12. Your poetry always leaves me sighing with contentment.

    CJ xx

  13. Delightful imagery! It's pleasing to think that we all have a 'tree of life' - makes us all sound quite productive;-)