24 Aug 2011

Bring It On

How do I paint a mood, capture the sun
on a day when grey has washed away its gold,
when life has scoured the shine off everyone
and left them shadowed, jaded, feeling old?

I feel the thoughts of others in my mind,
and listen to their sadness. With written words
I try to soothe their pain. I search to find
an answer to those unasked pleas I've heard

for their spirits to be lightened, lifted...
Happiness, not easy to define,
waits to surface once all mists have shifted
from perception of the path. Time

revolves, so changes how we view each day,
and by such means must banish all dismay.

This is a late entry for Poetry Jam, and an early one for In tandem! I've also sneaked it into d'Verse Poetry Pub by the skin of my teeth...


  1. Beautiful sentiments and imagery :O)

  2. smiles. your words are a powerful tool to bring light to their day...and you use them well...smiles...

  3. I'm smiling! Feeling better because of the read...and the wonderful image that accompanies it. Seriously...you've lifted my spirits, and for that, I will remain forever grateful. That is the power of words at their finest.

  4. By the time you finish reading this - the sun shines bright.

  5. Amazing differences in response to poetry. My eyes are filled with tears. Struck a nerve I guess...

  6. Poem is beautiful, Pen, I should have said.

  7. Your words are an inspiration, deep in meanings. Beautiful write!

  8. I wish I could be such a Wordsmith. Beautiful my dear. The picture and the words lift my spirits. Hugs xx

  9. An uplifting and radiant voice... if only we can paint the sky like this everyday...

    I have an idea of what to write about this picture.... we will see what the muse have to say, though its probably more than what you have in mind..ha..ha..

    Thanks for sharing this ~

  10. Beautiful and compassionate... heart-warming.


  11. A sunny sonnet indeed to wake up to!

  12. I often want to make everything better... but I can't. I can only hug my children, friends, family close to my heart. Sweet, sweet poem.

  13. beautiful ....thank you very much

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog, Jinksy. I am enjoying reading your work here on this blog and also visited the Napples blog. Sounds like you are having a fun family visit.

    I like this poem about finding smiles even on the days when it is gray. We lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years and I do remember that gray weather that seemed sometimes to never lift. I am wondering if you painted the picture as well.

  15. This is beautiful, inspiring words that will brighten up many a day...
    Well, Penny...the error gracefully and with a red face stands corrected. I kept chanting Penny Smith in my head...but the hand as usual bungled up... :D