25 Aug 2011

Reminder For In Tandem #7 ?

I am a Mock Croc about to cry tears.
Nobody's seen me! It was one of my fears
that I'd be forgotten and stuck in a rut
because I moved house. I am sorry, but
I thought, with a Tandem, I'd not be alone.
That's why I set up a blog on its own...
No one's remembered where I hang out,
so from Alias Jinksy I'm giving a shout!
I won't snap my teeth, but give a croc smile
to any who come back in a little while
with poem or prose written in their own voice -
lets face it, people, I give you wide choice!

In case this leaves you thinking I have a case of the Galloping Nadgers, and have finally Flipped - well - perhaps I have.  But this is one of the pictures I offered as a writing prompt this week, complete with a Mr Linky List, not included as part of an Alias Jinksy post, but as a purpose built, specially created home for my graphic fantasies on In Tandem. I see several Blogpals have already left comments on my sonnet written for the first picture, but only the lovely Natasha has be kind enough to add a comment, with a promise to return - which she has right royally done! Click on her name for a taste of Butter Cream... Thanks Natasha for trying to spread the word on my behalf, even if you are a lone voice crying in the wilderness! Hehehe!


  1. Don't bite me yet..ha.ha...

    This reminds me of my daughter's drawing actually. Thanks for the shout ~

  2. Lovely? Why thank you! :) Your prompt captured my sunny side...and I will happily return and do my best to spread the word!

  3. Very clever mock croc!

  4. Too good! The croc's rhyme males me smile :)

  5. OOPS.. I meant 'The croc's rhyme maKes me smile :)'

  6. I made it even if I used a short "oldie". Summer is over as this is the first day back to school for my kids... just one little guy now roaming the house alone... :)

  7. There once was a young crocodile
    Who lived on the banks of the Nile
    "Though my teeth are a fright
    I don't use them to bite"
    And with that the croc gave a big smile!

  8. Just fits me this ol Croc.

  9. Pressure, pressure...hope I'm not too late!