10 Aug 2011

In Tandem # 5

My widget has no shelf life! It will remain for a good week, so using one or both images as inspiration:-
  •             Write your piece - poem, prose, whatever (just not too long, though, eh?)
  •             Post it on your own blog (and help yourself to a picture)
  •             Copy and paste the URL of your post, not blog, into the Linky Widget
  •             Leave a comment, then go and see what some other Blogpals have come up with!
  •             Have fun, people-  but please note,  this Mr Linky List is not there simply as a free lead in to your totally unrelated blog! All such entries from people not playing the game will be deleted.
1. Caddoc Trellis
2. A New Day
3. Jinksy
4. jabblog uk
5. Ricardo
6. Rinkly Rimes
7. vivienne blake
8. Sweta -1st pic
9. CC Champagne
10. Ann Grenier


  1. desert places
    dry barren, with-
    out water, yet life
    i find with-
    in these chambers
    of me.

  2. Like the 1st for its light and airy.
    Also like 2nd for its powerful colour.

  3. I think this is my insomniac side taking over...

  4. Beautiful paintings Penny! I have made an attempt to capture a few words inspired by your first painting.

  5. Despite this feeling like talking to myself, I've posted mine!

  6. Ah finally! After a few weeks of absence, I'm back. Have written about the 1st picture.

  7. With the very humblest excuses for mistreating/misunderstanding your meme last time.... I truly am sorry!

  8. I will play next week (on your new tandem blog!) :) I am moving kids into dorms this weekend and beginning of next week... tiring AND expensive!

  9. Sorry to be a little later this week ...