2 Feb 2011

Poem On Wednesday

Remembrances Of Times Past 

Mind and memory intermingle. Some
scenes are sharply etched upon a screen
stored within the confines of our brain.
But when the camera rolled to capture shots,
as we, the actors, played our chosen parts,
it may have picked a random point of view
unlike own. And so, the action replay
which we look at to remember, may not
be exactly as we hoped. In retrospect,
the shifting scenes may give us pause for thought.
Remembrances could prove to be but lies,
if wishful thinking added overlays
of meaning. In colour pictures that our eyes
thought fact, fiction may have intervened.

This was written for Rallentanda's prompt POW #18  and is also linked to Poetry Pantry #27 - waste not, want not!


  1. Your poem was really a captivating read. I especially liked the last four lines because it described so well the way we choose (even if subconsciously) our memories.

  2. A good one Jinksy, our mind and heart plays tricks with us, especially at times memory.

  3. I think this my favorite you have written so far.

  4. Yes, memory is not always accurate. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Right, good one- memory is not always trustworthy.
    However our heart is going to go where it believes
    we need to be-Thanks.

  6. What a lovely poem and good reminder. My heart and mind have been playing tricks on me my whole life. Thanks.

    My Pantry poem: Chitter Chatter on Early Employment.

  7. Gawd, can't you believe anything these days? LOL

    Wonderful writing.

  8. Memory is often a slippery thing, pushed and pulled between heart and mind, yet most of us would swear by it,


  9. I like the shades and hues of Shakespeare in this. Reminds me of 'all the world's a stage etc'
    Nice flow and first rank lexis.
    However whilst I agree with your point about the unreliability and subjectivity of memory
    I think memory in a legal sense verses memory in poetry probably has different connotations.The most important thing is that the writer should be personally aware of the difference between fact and fiction and the reader should also not be prejudiced by their own limited experiences.
    Thank you for contributing to POW .
    (Prisoners of Words):)