24 Feb 2011

Monkey Business

Illustration by Jessie Wilcox Smith 1941
What is Monkey Business?
It's not usual, you see,
to think a pretty lady
would ask a chimp to tea!

No, we mostly form an idea
of kids up to no good,
instead of little people
behaving as they should.

So when a child at table
begins to act the fool,
we tell them they're a monkey!
Perhaps that's rather cruel?
But on this day, as you can see,
that threat has surely come to be!

Thanks to Monday's Child for this prompt #34.


  1. But it turned into a cute monkey, so that's not so bad ;-)

  2. Such a cute little guy tho! Welcome to our tea little fella.

  3. I love this. Can't wait to read it to my children tonight. :)

  4. Did the East wind blow and will the monkey change back again?

  5. Oh Yes...this little Monkey will either learn or me like the rest of us and rebell...heading to Starbucks....bkm

  6. I want to know how the monkey changes back, too (or is the monkey just a monkey?).
    Love the illustration--she did such beautiful work.

  7. What a great prompt, the look in the little girl's eyes is really interesting, and your piece is rather brilliant, you should do more of this type of thing, I understand completely why Margaret would want to read it to her children.

  8. This was clever! You let the monkey be a real monkey. I kept thinking that it was a monkey-doll!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's Monday's Child #34

  9. Liked the little lady and her chimp :)