21 Feb 2011

#71 MFM

One door closes, and another one opens.
Doesn't it depend on which side of the door you're standing? 
Thoughts like this can drive one crazy!

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Sorry about my Mr Linky links not working! If you've made it this far, I thank you for your patience!


  1. They can indeed. Enjoyed that :-)
    By the way, your link isn't working.

  2. revolving doors would drive me crazy!
    I think I'd go down by the end hoping
    it would take a turn! thanks.

  3. A good question was asked. Nice take on pic.

    Your link didn't work for me either. I forgot to report that to you last week, sorry.

  4. By now you won't want anyone else telling you . . .
    But I like the MFM.

  5. You're right of course, especially if the door is slamming in your face-LOL!

  6. Great take on this prompt...love the originality!