20 Jun 2015

Telephonic Tall Tales?

And all at the tail end of this week, after belatedly seeing the Magpie prompt picture which made me hunt out and edit, yet again, a poem which started life many years ago.
It's had several incarnations, but seems to get reborn in a slightly different guise each time, but at appropriate moments, of which I feel this is one...The Wimbledon season is fast approaching...

Love Match?

We serve and volley our thoughts
like the tennis players at Wimbledon,
bouncing them from mind to mind
across the net of distance
stretched taught between us.

I sometimes feel you are waiting
to demolish me with an ace to end all aces...

And the score board will declare
"Game set and match to the telephone."


  1. I never met-a-phor I didn't like, but this one is especially apt. :o) Thanks for your comments on mine as well.

  2. I like this - it is clever. It also relates well in a unique manner to the image.