4 Jun 2015

Grasping at Shadows?

Late yesterday I noticed last Sunday's challenge on IGWRT's , and this afternoon was tempted to let my imagination play along. What came from my finger-tapping was as much a surprise to my keyboard, no doubt, as it may be to any readers who happen by. Hahaha!

Aurora grasps at shadows. One gets caught
inside her net of mind. She studies him.
"My!  What arresting features this one's got.
See them slide from scintillating to dim
while his face flickers as if in the shade
of sorrow." Suddenly, his spectre goes
sprawling, falling down into a wood-glade
in which a curling stream of water flows,
snaking-fast. Heavily he lands, and lies
unmoving on a boulder-bed of stone.
She can but watch him. Painfully, he dies.
The water's song achieves a diff’rent tone,
as sympathetic notes console The Dawn.
Without this Shadow Lord she'll live alone…


  1. Sometimes words write themselves. Nicely woven tale.

  2. Wonderful and sad.. but maybe alone is better than the shadow lord.

  3. Well, my dear ~~~ you wove a mighty fine sonnet from the end-rhyme words!

  4. Wow you are a wonderful writer. The way you describe things just amaze me. I wanted to thank you ever since our emails you made me think about my poetry and I am punctuating it and more. I wanted to tell you that I am not using Google+ comments or the "bomb" clock on my blog and if you have time stop by. Thanks for your critique if you hadn't given it I would still be slopping my words on a platter instead of using the right utensil. Big hug!

  5. I still can't seem to find a post from you for this Sunday challenge, which asked you to use these words- caught, him, got, dim, shade, goes, glade, flows, lies, stone, dies, tone, lawn, gone- as ends of lines? I kept ending up on your old blog! Never mind- I'm sure I'll find you another day! :-)

  6. Perhaps it was better to let go of the Shadow Lord ... very imaginative.