3 Jul 2015

It's all about the viewpoint...

That's true of many different scenarios, as I'm sure you'd agree. But this time, I'm using it somewhat literally.
There is a small group of writers who meet at my house once a month, to share their latest works and to give each other ideas to spark the imagination. For the July meeting, each person picked a card from a Tarot pack, and this was mine:-
Sorry for the wonky photo I took, but my scanner was temporarily out of commission! But as soon as I saw the illustration, my attention was focussed on the little camel - not, as you might have imagined, the mysterious Blue Lady Behind The Veil!

No matter how often I looked at the card,  the camel took center stage each time.


The Dromedary has one hump,
the Baktrian has two.
Sometimes a human ‘gets the hump’
but surely, that’s not true
of you nor I, I fondly hope ?
Our brains can think of cunning ways
to help us both to cope
with minor disappointments
as we travel on life’s path –
for we can seek the funny side
and simply have a laugh!

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