12 Jun 2015

The Cavern Of My Thoughts

That was the title of IGWRT's post on Wednesday, which showed a black and white image taken from another site, which you can visit HERE.  As I always think in colour, I hope nobody will object to my having a little play with the image, to produce the following:-

Mind Cavern

Memory is a world inside my head.
Bypassing time, it weaves new connections
to link places, people, emotions,
with sights, sounds and aromas,
until a sensory bouquet is created
in the way florists gather blooms into posies.

Colours and textures meld in each arrangement
and I save thought-snapshots of them in an album
through which I may wander at will.
Any time I choose, its images,
replaying on the Big Screen of my mind,
are only an eyelid's blink away...


  1. replaying on the Big Screen of my mind,
    are only an eyelid's blink away...

    Memories can certainly do that. It is just a click away in the mind. In most instances the ones relating to someone dear takes centre stage. Wonderful lines Jinksy!


  2. Our memories are a beautiful cavern inside of our head - such a lovely thought! :D
    Beautifully executed :D

    Lots of love,

  3. I like the fact that your mind went to color. Cool pic, glad you found common ground with the prompt, fantastic piece of writing!!!! Big screen of my mind...perfect.

  4. memory bouquets - I have many and hold them dear. :)

  5. I wish I could remember that well...such a textured deep piece!

  6. It's wonderful that you have that kind of visual memory--difficult! Thanks. k.

  7. Sitting in a cavern such color explosion memories would be the best of company.