6 Apr 2014

Snozmole Wump

Beware the sleejus Snozmole Wump!
He's gloochier than a heffalump,
though somewhat of fraptode chump.
(Don't tell him!)

He snortles around rocks and stones
and loves to grind up brittle bones
of those who sit and kronk alone
to fell him...

He snortles over hill and dale
while gruttling for a fructus bale
of weedpoke stems, or bragmus tails
with lemin.

He snortles up the stairs at night
to give all babtot kips a fright
by smogrifying all the light,
and yellin'!

Best clup your eyes and huj your snout
whenever Snozmole Wump's about... 
Oh, no! My fribble friends, lookout!
He's comin'!

With thanks to Tess and apologies to Kelsey Hannah for this flight of fancy for The Mag 214.


  1. oh snortle and chortle this poem is so kuetortle....

  2. oh i luv it, wish i could have said it in the language of your poem though; Have a lovely Sunday

    oh and please share at my blog on Tuesday 22nd April - 'Earth Day' and Thursday April 24th - 'A Poem In Your Pocket Day'

    much love…

  3. What a fun character! I imagine the reading of this poem for kids! haha

  4. I'm sure you're far too nice a blogger to be thinking of gruttling and smogrifying . . but the verse is just the sort of thing the grands would love.

  5. This was so much fun to read and would be a delight for kiddies.

  6. What fun! This would be great to reread aloud once we ladies had a drink....be a right giggle......and probably make perfect sense to some!

  7. A very fun read not unlike a Lewis Carroll type creature! Love it!

  8. Makes perfect sense to me! The kids are so going to read this aloud when they wake up.

  9. No flight of fancy about it , Jinksy , blind Freddy can see this creature in the image ! .....im sure she will work him out in time

  10. Snozmole Wump! Love it. Well done Jinksy, very creative.

  11. Ah what fun! Love this nonsensical little piece. Well done!!

  12. Jen, you have been reading too much Lewis Carol!

  13. You are so clever n' fun! I love your poem~ YOU make me smile with wonder!

  14. Clever is, just the beginning of this!

  15. Oh, this was fun to read just made me grin..

  16. Just came across the Jinksy as I flittered through my reader - bloody brilliant!
    Anna :o]

  17. Gotta love this one, shades of the Jabberwocky.
    So well done!