13 Apr 2014

Terri Daktill

Terri Daktill was a bird
without much wing or feather.
But in his mind he was quite sure
he was the best bird ever.

He strutted across desert plains
defying wind and weather.
But now his bones are fossilised
until the twelfth of never.

For he fell into a weed strewn pond
which had a muddy bottom,
and over time this mud ensured
he'd never be forgotten.

Terri is secure at last
thanks to primordial slime;
an image from our ancient past
he's a relic fused in time.

Earlier in the week I watched a great BBC program about a world heritage site in Messel, Germany, which has produced a wealth of fantastic fossils. I am indebted to that for my inspiration, as well as Tess and her Mag picture by Balthus, from which I produced this image.


  1. a relic fused in time- just lovely- I like where you went...I'll have to search out that BBC program. Thanks Jinksy!

  2. and ooops I pushed publish before I was done.....hilarious twist on Terri Daktill's name!

  3. We'll all be fossils one day, Jinksy, but we won't look as good as Terri Daktill.

  4. You wrote about the best bird ever and I wrote about the best cat ever. Great minds think alike? Lol! Loved your poem you are so clever! I once worked on fossils for the University Of Wisconsin it was a lot of fun. Big Sunday hug!

  5. love that rhyme flow...and Terri.. :)

  6. I have always search for the best way to say "a very long time" or that something is leaning towards eternal, I think your "until the twelfth of never" sets the perfect mood. I love that line. And the way the poem moves... from bright glory to a different kind of triumph... one that happens slowly until it finds its balance.

    My Magpie Entry

  7. Oh, I liked him...he dared to dream even 'without much wing or feather.' another lesson, but how big this bird in my eyes...:)x

  8. Ooops! I thought I had clicked on the wrong link there! Fossils fascinate me. It's hard to believe the dates some go back to! Cool poem and picture........I can vaguely still make the cat out.

  9. Terri Dactyl is a fossil
    In his day he was colossal
    His wingspan was extremely wide
    So long distances he could glide.

    Great piccie and poem!
    So glad we caught up with each other.
    Luv and hugs ~ Eddie

  10. I love this! The rhythm and flow is flawless.

  11. Tou may have just stumbled onto the spiritual shape of the artist , Jinksy ! ...i know nothing of the man , did he fall into a metaphorical weed strewn pond in his life ?

  12. Interesting how a cat and a man can become a fossil!

  13. Thought Terri may like another flight
    To stretch his mighty wings
    He said he'd flap with all his might
    I'm taking off, he sings!

    Done any more paintings lately?
    Hugs ~ Eddie

    1. Nice song! :-)
      I'm too busy to play paining at the moment, thanks for asking...

  14. a relic fused in time, indeed! but perhaps he's not gone altogether...maybe he plays the role of ancestor to some of our more modern birds. we can hope! lovely write!

    stacy lynn mar