13 Mar 2011

Up Above

A satellite bleeps out its sound
but there is nobody around
to heed its warning.

As the planet spins below -
see? - Shining silver forests grow!
The day is dawning.

But the people are now gone.
Because of all that they had done,
plant life is mourning.

This was sparked by the Themed Thursday  subject -'Space'-  I used the space betwen my ears to come up with an offering! LOL
The same inner space produced the following sonnet, which, if you visit  Hilary at The Smitten Image,  has the perfect photo to accompany it.

Together At Day's End

Everything stills as dusk approaches. Light
takes on a sullen hue and clouds gather
forces, ready to battle with the night.
Standing on shore, we two wonder whether
darkness will come between us, draw a veil
over our present joy, shroud it in mist
before morning, once the sky blushes pale
and the shy face of heaven makes a tryst
with daylight. But at this day's end, we find
perfection and peace. One beside the other
in silence we gaze, as though a greater mind
had suddenly taught us how we might discover
duality within a single being, an entity
newly birthed, but already linked with eternity.


  1. You're making good use of the space between your ears ;-)

  2. This award goes to a reliable commenter, a great poet, and consummate blogger.

  3. Lovely words for the photos, Jinksy.. thanks. :)

  4. I'm glad the plant life is mourning our demise even if it's our fault.

  5. Outside and inside sense of existing, thoughtfully spoken.

  6. Thoughtful pieces very well written!

  7. Well constructed Jinksy. I enjoyed it immensely

  8. Definitely good use of the space between your ears! LOL. :)

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  9. Both wonderful pieces...one filled with harmony and the other with the result of disharmony! Great reads...:)

    Imagination Lane

  10. very wondrous pieces.
    smartly penned.
    Happy Monday.

  11. Such ideas and feelings abound,
    shout out for man never hears a sound.

  12. excellent piece about forests. but nature has a way of repairing herself.

  13. We should all employ the space between our ears as well as you do!