15 Mar 2011

Angel Dreams

Adrift in dreams, imagination whirls
and lilac angels' wings fly close at hand.
The flower scented air begins to swirl
and lulls us further. We can understand

concepts which, in daytime, make no sense.
For nightime looses bonds of black or white,
sends technicolour shades in recompense
and melds the boundaries of wrong and right.

When waters of emotion lap the shores
of self expression, artists utilise the wave
of creativity, the swell of power. It draws
new sensibilities  from places they've

visited in Dream Time. Therefore
let us agree to sally forth. Explore!

More violets may be seen at Magpie Tales, thanks to Willow's pretty photo, and I've also linked this to The Poetry Pantry.


  1. Great work on the image again, and love your take on the Magpie prompt this week. I get most of my best answers while asleep, it's my consious brain that gives me the problems!!

  2. Dreams are strange indeed and hard to capture. It all makes sense until we wake . . .

  3. Dreams are made of things like this,
    They come and go like a flirty kiss.

  4. You've done it again with the image--fabulous! Dreams really do work like that...

  5. I love dreams like that - great piece...

  6. Absolutely agree that artists absorb the stuff of dreams..else where would we be?? You've brought out so much..

  7. Nighttime wisdom is the best, I often find. So many answers come to me then!

  8. This was a fun piece. I was beginning to think it poetry was so easy for you, you could do it in your sleep!

  9. Dreams are indeed a great source of inspiration. Well written.

  10. Sally on! Lovely piece, Jinksy.

  11. I have read three times and each time get a tingle down my spine! Lovely.

    Anna :o]

  12. I wish I had dreams like these.

  13. yes let's.
    nothing could be sweeter.

  14. I'm glad I explored this one, Jinksy. Very nicely done.

    Poetry24…where news is the Muse

  15. I really like
    "When waters of emotion lap the shores
    of self expression"

  16. love this one very much.
    well done on everything..

    your words spin and whirl like magic.

  17. WOW!! Indeed dreams take us to the strangest places, and show us the oddest things... but they certainly make for GREAT muses! :)

    Loved your wordplay in this poem, Jinksy.. it was a fantastic dream in itself!

  18. Technicolor dreams are the best!!

  19. Oh wow!! I love the poem and imagery. Simply beautiful!!!! Have a lovely weekend. God bless you.

    (Gee, so sorry but the first comment displayed an error so I had to remove it.)