30 Mar 2011

All Behind On Monday

But better late than never, a 140 character offering for Grandma's Goulash.

Have you noticed that, in a room with a view, sometimes the call of a comfortable armchair wins hands down, leaving the view for the birds?


  1. I'd turn that chair around and spend far too much time in it, enjoying that fab view.

  2. You can definitely have both!

  3. I wouldn't mind a chair like that in my shed, ready for when Ada next sends me to Coventry...

    But Jinksy - I see on 120 Socks' Blog you've offered to design personal little stamps. Could you make one for My Beloved and I? I'd like to give Ada a surprise...Could you create some kind of hearts and flowers symbol that combines our names or initials? I'd be in your debt for ever if you could...

  4. I agree with Carolina-- I'd rotate that chair and enjoy the view!

    Good one, Jinksy!

  5. I have definitely been so weary that the soft chair won out over the view....:)

    Imagination Lane

  6. Yes, why not turn the chair around?

  7. I can really relate to this one. I've had times when turning the chair would be just too much effort. Comfort rules.

    The linky is up for the whole week, so its never too late to play. Hope to see you again next week.

  8. Howdy!

    Starting a new feature at my blog called The MicroFiction Muse! Please pop in and take a look and hope to see you next week! :O)