25 Mar 2011

New York, New York!

I live far from New York, I agree,
but what those two words mean to me
is standing on risers,
singing for prize(r)s
that we hoped to win with our song.
New York was a medley, and long...

For my part, I sang Baritone,
but then, I was never alone.
Leads, Tenors and Basses
with smiles on their faces
would see who could get to the end
without any need to pretend
they'd remembered the words
and sung sweet as the birds...
no wrong notes... heaven forefend!
That'd upset our Babershop Blend!

Brian Miller, from One Stop Poetry, brought the words 'New York' to the forefront of my mind when he asked for poems to be written about that very city.  I immediately had a flash back to my Babershopping days, when a medley of songs with multiple key changes challenged the chorus to keep in pitch from beginning to end. 


  1. Ah, the Babershop Blend and dreams of sharing that collective talent in The Big Apple. "Heaven forfend!" lol Nicely played.

  2. A unique look at the memory of New York. I like the originality in this! Good stuff here...

  3. I could truly picture that.

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  4. very nicely played jinksy...lovea good bit of barbershops and the harmonies...and a little sprinkle of the big apple...smiles.

  5. New York is a kind of wild medley, rather riotous, in fact -- punctuated by a million car horns honking. Good poem.

  6. Really enjoyable post my friend.
    keep the -short back and sides songs going,lol.

  7. you are still rhyming, jinksey, what changes can we expect??????/