18 Sep 2010

Twelve Word Puzzle for Friday 17th

What Is Your Plea?

The judge declared, a little fraught,
"Silence in court! Silence in court!"
while in the dock the child stood crying,
twisting her skirt, there's no denying.
His chant, like a swarm of angry bees humming,
had set her temple pulse a-thrumming.
She clutched at her skirt, which was embellished
with debris from food she'd half-eaten with relish.
But while her eyes flashed with indignant light
she stood to give evidence from her short height
and gave her temporary answer -
"It wasn't me! It was my Aunt, Sir!"
Then straightening her backbone, despite her fear,
She added "Please, let me out of here?"

Okay, so I added and extra 'ed' - what are you going to do to me?! This is my offering for the Big Tent this week.


  1. I was quaking and quivering with her, Jinksy! And don't worry about the "ed", folks mangle the words every which way to fit them in!

  2. You get to do with the words what you want to, that's what!

    Seems there is much crime in evidence this week.

  3. I can only hope, that if I am ever brought to account for all I have done, that in view of the silliness of my crimes, that I will be tried as a juvenile!

  4. I could literally visualize the scared child..

    timeless flies search for fries

    And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday
    mornings and thereafter!

  5. It's great, Jinksy! Love the blog!

    CJ xx

  6. Deb's right! Twist the words so they work. They are in service of the poem, at our mercy!

  7. Very well done with a tough selection of words.

  8. How much characterization packed into one wee defendant and one brief poem. Bravo. Especially liked the image of a defendant with food-stained clothing, great contrast to image management. Excellent. Thank-you.

  9. lovely word play...
    masterfully done!

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