13 Sep 2010

Poetry Bus for 13 September

Colour Therapy

On a red day
I painted poppies:
ate sweet strawberries:
pricked my finger.

On a yellow day
I picked celandines:
nibbled toasted cheese:
danced with sunbeams.

On a blue day
I tossed a kite in the sky:
bought blueberry muffins:
floated in the ocean.

Then on a grey day
I watched clouds gather,
tasted raindrops,
saw pavements glisten
as an arched rainbow
gathered each colour
into its outstretched arms,
making this the best of days.

The Poetry Bus will be hard to miss as it hoves into view this morning, splashed with all the colours of the rainbow thanks to Marion, this week's driver. After taking a leaf from my portfolio, already inscribed with the above lines, I turned back to my palette to create this panoply of paint, which rang my bell...

   Ding Dong
 pink lime jade
 gold silver bronze
 blue burgundy rose
 orange tangerine rust
     lilac purple cobalt puce 
 mauve magenta veridian
 turquoise lavender cerulean
   ultramarine chartreuse chocolate brown

P.S. Nobody has spotted that the Bell is an etheree...


  1. Grey days often develop into the most colourful and rewarding times - and sometimes the grey turns black . . .

  2. Try putting the first line of every verse last:-
    " Because it seemed a reddish sort of day"

  3. Jabblog - No black days allowed in my world, by royal decree! :)

    and Doc - I shall try that out when I next go in for a spot of editing...thank you. I can see the reasoning behind your suggestion. :)

  4. I love the idea of a particular color day. I also agree with the doctor. I think that allows the images to lead.

    Very nice!

  5. Karen- I entirely agree, but it'd be mean to change it before everyone's had their say... but it's already an edit on my other copy! Thanks. :)

  6. Cerulean ....
    I'll be saying it to myself all afternoon .

  7. I love concrete poetry.

    Marion is driving the bus? Tell her to turn the Hendrix up! ;-)

  8. I am new to writing poetry, but I see the point that Karen and Doctor FTSE are making. (FTSE? What's that?)
    I have tried a Poetry Bus entry, but, pressed for time, I recycled a well-known poem rather than write a new one.

  9. Fireblossom- It obviously rang your bell, too!

    Mrs Trellis- We have all seen the point now, thank you - join our club. Here is my interpretation of the initials FTSE...


    In other words, a guiding light to all wannabee poets! :)

  10. nice palette! it is fun!
    could not get this to paste on Marion's page

  11. Love these! And, as you show with your second poem, the names of colors are poetry all on their own, aren't they?

  12. I loved the activities of a day being linked to the colors - lovely!

  13. Ah, I see we were tricked into finding more colorful stuffs! Nice stop on the Poetry Bus, Jinksy!

  14. Good way to brighten up a Monday, though mine was quite good today!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. Yes, let's hear it for Grey!! Or even gray. My hair will soon be the height of fashion.

  16. Truly an inspiration, Jinsky. I really loved all the creative "things" you did on each color day!

  17. Nice use of colour, Jinksy. Paint colours have some gorgeous naming words: alizarin, viridian, and your very special cerulean. This morning it was grim here, and I wrote a very grey poem in French! Now, cerulean is back.

  18. I love your poem! Thanks for riding on the Poetry Bus with me. Blessings!

  19. Love all the days. Grey ones ya gotta make your own fun.

  20. Sounds like a brilliant way to colorize a Monday. :)

  21. O' Jinksy love the colour therapy...brillant and delightful...wonderful read...bkm

  22. I did! And I have posted one. this morning. Amazing, look you, for the funny word you have to type in, is "MATIN"

  23. Why, Mrs T - Do you speak French?! Good morning it is, in either language...

  24. Whoops, I nearly missed the bus. Is this the right place to post the link? http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/quilting-for-the-poetry-bus/

    If not, please can someone tell me.

  25. Viv- have just emailed you the answer!

  26. Pen...both are fabulous!!!! I LOVE this!!! And the image of the Rainbow gathering the colors into its arms is positively brilliant (pardon the pun)!! And your color bell? You are so creative! You ALWAYS make me smile!!! I love your work!!! ~Janine XO

  27. Yes, grey days can only get better!

  28. Fine work yet again Jinksy, one of your best, so far! When life givesyou lemons? And we have to embrace the grey and see the beauty, don't we?

  29. I've just posted a rant on the Miserable Old Bat's Blog: http://vivnada.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/rant-punctuation/