5 Sep 2010

Poetry Bus for 6th September


Once, a doorway opened in my mind,
perception altered by a secret key.
In meditative state, new worlds I found,
inhabited each one by shades of me.
They could not help but form a common bond,
thus I became who I was meant to be.

It seems I had a psychic link to the subject for this week, as I did a post here before the driver had announced what it was! Hence my second, much shorter offering above. To clip the tickets of other passengers, or to climb aboard yourself, go HERE.

Thanks to Trans4mind for the apt image!

Thursday 9 September.  I have just found this quote on Marion's delightful blog , and pray the originator understands why I needed to add it here!

""Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring and I go back to being me"


  1. You became who you were meant to be...



  2. I like the mix of rhyme and half-rhyme, and the message.

  3. Love the idea of all your different shades coming together to form the you you were meant to be.

  4. The poems this week are so amazing... the prompt has definately tapped into some deep wells along the way!

  5. A wonderful poem to remind me of the simple power of meditation.

  6. Mmm, sort of like having an open mind? Dave

  7. Words to live by. A closed mind does prevent one from becoming their best!

  8. A beauty. Particularly like this line: "In meditative state, new worlds I found." Enjoyed my ride on the bus!

  9. Nice, altered by a secret key, the secret key for each one of us that makes us who we are as individuals.

  10. That's a cool one - constant transformation!

  11. …became what i was meant to be…i'm glad you became what you are jinksy - i enjoy reading your posts a lot

  12. Has a sort of Ogden Nash meets Carl Sagan feel for me.

  13. Wow Jinksy, very powerful. The rhythm and simplicity of the words plays with the depth of the message - I liked it very much. Memorable, actually.

  14. I love this poem...very different than your usual fare...but incredibly powerful!!! And of course, it resonates with me :-)) Love you! Janine XO

  15. Simply stated but not so simple to achieve, becoming who we are meant to be!

  16. Becoming who we were meant to be. How long does that take, exactly? ;-)

  17. Karen -
    I guess it can take a lifetime!

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