9 Sept 2010

Magpie Tales #31

Who Pays For Prayer?

The cloistered nun, content with contemplation,
turns her back upon the world of strife.
Her time is spent in prayer and meditation,
far removed from others' mundane life.

Not for her, to face the stress of living
as part of humdrum, secular pursuits.
Her mind is focused on a Higher Being,
but do her silent labours then bear fruit?

Who can judge how many prayers are heeded?
Do they have a value, quite unknown,
though Earth is full of millions who needed
a practical approach - one clearly shown?

How much will prayers help the sick and dying
in flooded lands, or those beset by drought,
where day by day folks constantly are trying
to stave off death, and keep diseases out?

Maybe elusive prayers send out vibrations
which resonate in rescue workers' hearts,
to travel past the boundaries of nations,
until, united, all can play their part...

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  1. Prayers heeded? We'll wait and see..But very much needed...your ending is so true. Lovely..

  2. I'm sorry, I made a typo. My fingers have been out of control lately. A very interesting post, for which I have no answer. I think for many, it's a cold thought to realize we are out here, all by ourselves. I did think of someone's piece, .....desperate situations.....a remembered God. I thought that pretty good. Of course it doesn't answer the question.....

  3. Very nice.
    I loved the flow and rhythm of the rhyme.

  4. This is very thought provoking - maybe it is as you wrote
    "Maybe elusive prayers send out vibrations
    which resonate in rescue workers' hearts"
    I would like to think so anyway.

  5. I like to believe the prayers aren't elusive and that they do have a positive impact.

    Nice Magpie

  6. Very interesting indeed "prayers" belief or not they certainly never hurt.

  7. Hopefully they all do play their part.
    Thought provoking.

  8. Provocative piece, indeed. Nicely written.

  9. I think more than the prayers, its our faith in the power that keeps us hoping.. wonderful mag jinksy..

  10. You saw a nun: I saw a ghost! Does it say something about our personalities?

  11. Great poem Jinksy ... I like to believe that our prayers are heard ... and like you suggested they resonate in the hearts of rescuers & our other earthly angels.

  12. Beautiful piece, Jinksy. I especially like this opening stanza. And the title truly says it all.

  13. For those nuns who work, tirelessly, in those parts of the world where the need for aid and compassion is great, I'd like to think that their prayers are heard somewhere. But then, I'm a born optimist.

  14. 'Maybe elusive prayers send out vibrations
    which resonate in rescue workers' hearts'

    Lovely phrasing, lets hope so, pensive Magpie.

  15. Jinksy this is thought provoking and well written. Great Magpie! :-)

  16. very nice...i think we need hands in prayer as much as we need hands to heal...for what would one be without the other...

  17. Wonderfully written.

    prayer and faith go hand in hand.


  18. very nice...prayer - vibrations that help to build a better and more loving world....bkm

  19. How profound and hopeful. When I used to think prayers were heard, I eventually began wondering "if they are HEARD, are they just being ignored?" Then I realized that prayer was for the one doing the praying. A form of meditation, especially effective if there is a belief behind the message. I positively fell in love with your post.

  20. I believe all our prayers will triumph together - we just have to be careful what we pray for...

  21. Quite wonderful in its simple imagery.

  22. Great words to a long unanswered question for many.... For me at least, my prayers, my faith bring a peace and direction to my life, assisting me in managing the times of trial.

    Simply stated yet a very complex concept. Well written.

  23. Faith and work are a good pair, aren't they?

  24. I enjoyed discovering what the Magpie writers saw in Willow's photo .... especially your piece.

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