17 Sep 2010

Memory Box

Locked Out

Rusted metal: a missing key:
both keep you away from me,
O treasured keepsakes, in a box
which time imprisons with its locks
on memory. No longer keen,
this dwells upon those things unseen
for many moons. Have I forgot?
Do I dream of what was not,
in mis-remembered pastel haze
of those distant glory days?


  1. this is beautiful
    love the imagery in the 1st line
    also the term 'mis-remembered pastel haze' is fantastic!

  2. I love the last three lines!

  3. nice...i like the line on 'mis remembered pastel haze'...hope you find your keys. smiles.

  4. I'm sure we are guilty of mis-remembering. Sometimes that pastel haze is rose-coloured!

  5. We are locked in trying to be locked out..

    This made me think...

    timeless flies search for fries

  6. I highly doubt you forgot! Nice write. Love and Light, Sender

  7. Bottom level, the cornerstone reason I keep a journal, because I knew that someday I might face this reality, when the gift of recall would begin to loose its preciseness. Only to discover that denial is always present.


  8. Is the truth or the memory of the truth mire important? Here's my Friday 55. Hope your week goes well

  9. Here's another. There's two of you who have done this well this time with rhymes and pacing so that everything is quintessential rhymed poesy. Look what you went and made me do-->

    Who Knows What's What

    When you tell of us
    in those long ago places
    and times, you tell it
    so different that
    I have to wonder what's up.
    Either you have it
    wrong or I twisted
    things my own way. I don't know.
    You or me, sister.

  10. memory does skew our experience, doesn't it! great job with this, including your rhymes!

  11. memories are priceless... especially for those who have none and make up as they go along...

  12. Ah, well said! Delightful read - provocative, for sure.

  13. indeed well done...made me think also

  14. My middle-aged mind thinks it is your locked box.

    Nicely done!