18 May 2014

High Fliers

Has your chick fledged?
Teetered on the nest edge,
flapped wings, and flown
before he was full grown?

Perhaps he only fluttered to the ground,
down, down, down...
as you watched his fall,
wanting to call
'Take care!
Remember the air
may be friend, or foe
if you go
too close to the Sun,
and like Icarus, defy
the ruler of the sky.'

But though high fliers may rise
in search of some glittering prize,
we could never choose
to loose
our concern
that they won't burn...

Without  hatchlings, a nest
looks empty. Best
fill it with a new lining;
forget  pining,
for soon a new brood will come to visit.

And it so happened, this fitted Wednesday's Toad prompt, too!


  1. Bravo Jinksky! I was wondering how you managed to post so quickly to this challenge. Then I read your comment-how fortuitous! Love the cartoon too!

  2. This seems to be to be a great combination of allegory and pathetic fallacy. These are great lines, and worth remembering:

    Remember the air
    may be friend, or foe
    if you go
    too close to the Sun

    Thank you for posting.

  3. This is "Jinksy Perfect!"

  4. Very cool, love how you brought it all together.

  5. Oh, I know that watching of the long falling..........this is very clever, Jinksy!

  6. This is wonderfully delightful!

  7. All the words I wanted to use to praise this have already been used, so just re-read all the other comments and add a +1 to everything! ;) Really liked this piece!

  8. exquisite...that's what the poem is.. :)

  9. Jinsky! I love yours~ I love how clever and fun you are~

  10. birds do replace well enough… and often. You always have so much fun with words…

  11. Hey Jinksy--one has to be especially careful with wax wings! (or Cedar Waxwings--though they manage okay.) Thanks. k.

  12. Love this one Jinksy as its perfect for spring ~

  13. we can not forget the children
    there is a fun cadence to this
    and it is def evocative of spring