4 May 2014


A replica will not be found in any book...
Look for a dog with big ears, and perhaps,
chaps, you will see what I see.
Heehee! No, not three, but two eyes... and his nose
goes according to plan. Man! He's ugly, though,
so be kind.
Find one small thing to inspire,
fire your imagination. Perhaps his long(ue ?)
tongue (hung left) is panting,
wanting water, or a friend to lick.

Who will come to his rescue? Will you, Tess? For it is your Mag 218 which caused his creation thanks to Salvador Dali's equally strange image :-)


  1. amazing where everyone is going with this image.......woof!

  2. You made me laugh at this, I can see him, he looks like a chiwawa with chaps on? Lmao! Loved it so much and I'll have to see what you've been up to. Ever since you told me about my poems grammar I have been trying to do better. I am trying to pick about 20 poems on my site for my first chapbook I'm trying to pick out what I think is the best. Have a nice weekend (the rest of it.) Hugs!

  3. Funny! Love the direction you picked :)

  4. oh haha...this is fabulous Jinksy...

  5. Actually much prefer this to the original... And he/it reminds me of Stitch from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch. Really enjoyed this!

  6. A wonderful direction to go...I like this one better than Dali's original.

  7. Reminds me that sometimes removing my glasses I see new things in the images .. squinting my eyes looking at art to find the hidden meaning...

  8. He looks like a chihuahua. ha!

  9. Interesting play with images and words

  10. Interesting play with images and words

  11. Wow! That's amazing! I spotted the dog right away. Incidentally - he looks similar to the mutt I've been doggie-sitting this past week: