13 May 2014

Early Bird?

Photographer Unknown
Today, I spotted a Sepia Saturday post, ready for 17 May, and as its subject matter has always been close to my heart, here's my seaside poem, accompanied by a detail from a photo which appeared on Google Images , but without acknowledging the one who clicked the shutter. I thank them, whoever they were.

Sea Edge

In creeps the water,
tickling my toes,
swirling its whirlpools.
But nobody knows
where the sea comes from
or where it all goes.

Was it in China,
or distant Japan
that this pool of ocean’s
blue ripples began?
How many more miles
will they have to span?

How far have they travelled
and how many waves
crashed onto shorelines
or hid inside caves
before they arrived here,
so buoyant and brave?


  1. Love the Sea Edge. Have a good week. Put you toes in the water.

  2. I always have those questions when I watch the ocean's waves and contemplate.

  3. My experience as a child was always with a lake, but to a little girl a great lake looks pretty endless.

  4. Well done Jinksy. As a child, I had similar thoughts when collecting shells on the beach. Where did this shell's journey start? What has it seen? I guess it made the world a smaller place when I held that shell.

  5. It always amazes me, standing or wading in even the most benign of ocean waves, how strong the undertow is . . . as though it wants to take you back with it to wherever it came from.

  6. That picture really captures being on the beach. I was going to say a child but I still feel that way when I'm walking along next to the Ocean.

  7. Your poem reads like the thoughts of the little girl.

  8. Welcome back! Let’s hear it for the brave waves! You’ve captured the thoughts many of us have had and eloquently expressed them in your lovely poem. I really must get back to my poetry writing again.

  9. It is a nice poem. First time we touched the feel of sand and sea, that was a new experience. And everything happens in life could be like the first touch of sand and sea.

  10. A very thoughtful poem, thanks for sharing.

  11. oh yes, where goes the ocean. We are both thinking poetry this week and I like the photo of the girl wading in the sandy water too...

  12. Lovely! Read it aloud to the children and it got a big thumbs up. We love the ocean!

  13. Great post - photo with poem to match.

  14. I read the poem again and I like it so much.

  15. Such a creative response to the prompt -- perfect matching of thoughtful poem and photo.

  16. Absolutely lovely. Thought provoking and beautiful.