31 May 2012

Light V. Dark

A blind, half pulled down, curtains, 
half drawn, maintain privacy
but let outsiders see the light
which, by night, stems lunacy.

For darkness encourages
many stages of madness;
wild imaginings which seem
to tinge dreams with their sadness

as daylight fades from the sky
and we humans shy away
from phantoms and other shades
which we may ignore by day.

Detail from a painting by Edward Hopper, which featured in Mag 119 thanks to Tess. I've tried to follow a rhyme scheme used in Welsh poetry, which was first brought to my notice on Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.


  1. Oh I love your take on this!! Fabulous!!
    The close up works wonderfully with your words.
    Well done

  2. i like that you try new things. this is one thing i have learned from poets unlimited. reading other writers work is a good education and motivator. it is a good thing too, that so many writers share beyond their writing, giving a heads up to other blogs that promote good writing. Thank you for that.

    excellent subject in light vs. dark, we imagine monsters in the dark, darkness is another world.

    good job showing we may need to face our fears.

    good work and photo pairing.

  3. I love how you focus on one tiny aspect of the photo... really nice job!

  4. Everything you have done here ~~~ works quite well!

  5. Oh I like this. The idea of darkness bringing things which a rational mind would normally deal with in daylight. It’s an interesting form as well, and seems to lend something to the spectator idea.

  6. Night brings darkness not merely on the outside but also from within.

  7. This is very good Jinksy!

    Anna :o]