20 May 2012


Their nerves have been conquered, the battle is won;
two barefoot artistes are finally done.
Now, these high-wire acrobats bow to the crowd
who clap and applaud them. The music sings loud
from brassy gold instruments glinting in lights
of the circus Big Tent, this Saturday night.

Children and parents on ranged tiers of seats
anticipate multiple breathtaking feats
thanks to animal trainers, to jugglers, to clowns,
to spangle-clothed ladies who jump up, then down
from galloping horses which race round and round
while the ringmaster's whip cracks its pistol shot sound.

The colour and movement both serve to enhance
the skill of performers who thrill and entrance
every new audience, day after day,
till it's time for the circus to be on its way.
Then the tents and the caravans all disappear -
and folks are heard shouting "Come back next year!"

Words and picture inspired by Mag #118, thanks to Tess and Marc Chagall.


  1. I enjoyed the close up pic of the high wire performers. Your cadence and the rhyming words are brilliant. The whole work swings, just like a flying trapeze! Thank you for sharing this, Jinksy. =D

  2. You've got all three rings going on here!

  3. smiles...used to love going to the circus...the one that comes by now is a bit sad honestly...the animals look like they could use a meal...and the same with the clowns....i do remember the magic of it though...

  4. nicely done...thanks for sharing uyour words

  5. We have a fair that comes in every year during the spring and you capture a moment of it well, esp asking them to come back next year, after seeing them packing

  6. It's so nostalgic, Jinsky! A most accurate description. But these are rarities nowadays. We never get to see the Big Tent or get to see the animals behind the tents during feeding time. I went once years ago for a circus performance at Madison Sq Garden. It was just that, a performance of elephants and tigers and acrobatics. There were no clownings and we had to sit way back (MSG is bigger than a Big Tent, may be)


  7. i was wondering who would focus in on those background characters!! nice job on that. i like the barefoot aspect, like cirque du soleil

    show's about to begin

  8. Oh my gosh I do believe you took me to the circus! Yes, indeed I'm coming back again!

  9. Lovely rhythmic, rhyming poem, with lots of energy and action. Thank you.

  10. Loved this...the rhythm is soothing and joyful...and exciting like the circus.
    And your artwork is terrific!!
    We could have such fun working together for sure.


  11. Jinksy, you are one of a kind.



  12. I have always loved going to the circus ~ when I lived in Orlando each year I watched as they paraded all of the animals off the trains .. fascinating stuff!

  13. Excellent.

    And you took me right there...


  14. Picture and words in perfect harmony - as ever!

  15. Great passion in this one, Jinksy ! . Its very Harry Potter how they appear and disappear overnight , isnt it ? . A liminal zone they are

  16. Lovely bouncy verse Jinksy - well done!

    Anna :o]

  17. Always nice when the circus comes to town. I have enjoyed the Shrine Circus two years in a row now...

  18. Love the rhythm and flow in this piece - it speaks circus!

  19. Like it! You have exactly captured the atmosphere of the big top.

  20. I love this, Penny, felt I was at the circus, then watching as the convoy departed.

    CJ x

  21. I really enjoyed this poem Pen - Dave