17 May 2012

Fire! Fire!

In 1079, William the Conqueror designated the New Forest, in Hampshire, as a royal forest and hunting ground., and you can read more about its history if you click HERE.

I found many photos on the web, including this free one... But idyllic as it seems, there is a darker side to this well known beauty spot, where life sometimes hangs in the balance, and this is what prompted me to write a series of shadormas for Poetry Jam today.

For any who have yet to encounter one of these, let me explain. It is a six line, unrhymed 'verse'  whose syllable count follows this pattern: 3/5/3/3/7/5.

And the second photo tells its own story...

Ponies graze;
the forest is theirs
and freedom
to wander
has been an unquestioned right
for centuries past.

Dry summer
is an enemy;
to kill lurks
among fronds of dead bracken's 
natural tinder.

unthinking humans
cause chaos,
their litter
ready to spark disaster,
and let loose fire...


  1. Oh I can so relate to this! thanks.

  2. Last summer we had so many forest fires here in TX b/c of the drought and most of them were because of human error.

  3. Oh, I so agree with you. There are some beautiful forests in the UK :) When you think about these fires, most are caused by careless people. Last year in the states thousands of acres and hundreds of homes were destroyed through thoughtless people, and, some they discovered were set deliberately. The mind boggles.

  4. Thank you for sharing this interesting poetry form. I just learned something new! Nice poem bringing awareness so that people may be more careful and treat nature and animals with care :)

  5. With the fires now a blazing in Arizona...this fits with today's new perfectly.
    Love the poem

  6. Fantastic write.......the fire photo is alarming. Up here summers are very hot, we have a Mars water bomber in the lake, ready to drop water on any forest fires within range.

  7. ugh...a sad reality in what we do in our carelessness...and think of all the displaced animals as well...the pic you chose def accentuates this and is scary to me...

  8. I grieve for all we lose to forest fires ... many of them where I live - in Oregon. The form and tone of your poem ~ nicely done!

  9. Fire is an annual enemy here in S California--the giant roaring storms of smoke and doom--but smaller forest fires cleanse so as in all things there is a balance. I enjoyed your poem and being reminded about that poetic form--it reads very well and I will have to try one myself. Love also the peaceful photo of the horses in the forest.

  10. A powerful photo with powerful words Jinksy.

  11. Jinksy, your poem definitely teaches a lesson. Humankind definitely needs take care with its forests. You did very well with the shadorma form. It is one I have always appreciated!

    Thanks for jamming with us over at Poetry Jam!

  12. Well done Jinsky - I love this form and haven't used it for quite a long time ... and as for man's folly with fire and forests ... we're already on high alert in Alberta this year and it's not even summer ... of course, we did burn down a whole city last year (Slave Lake in northern Alberta is right in the centre of old growth forest but there was no stopping that particular fire - sad all the way around) - great shardormas ...

  13. What a wonderful form to read and what a great take on the prompt. I had not thought of the great enemy to the trees ..fire.

  14. Nice form Jinksy....It saddens me when we are careless of the forest fires, and killing all those creatures ~

    Happy day to you ~

  15. we are already battling major wildfires here in Arizona and the forecast is for possibly the worst fire season in recent history. wonderful shadorma, Penny!

  16. So often the case, always so sad and scary. These shadorma and the friendly style of this post was a joy!

  17. Lovely shadormas! Great statement on the carelessness of humans.

  18. We humans are so careless. It makes me so angry. Your shadorma illustrate the plight wonderfully.

  19. Hey Jinksy, I like the form, never heard of that one b4, and you handled it so well, bravo!