9 May 2012

Blind Spot

I have a blind spot.
It's not
the usual kind
that you might find
But there,
where my seeing fails,
wind taken from my sails,
I've lost sight of love.
Has push come to shove?
Has the cost
of loving lost
I'm not sure...
But still I must
love exists.
It would be missed
by more than I,
if it should die.. 

Poetry Jam asked us to consider the word  'blind' - and this is my interpretation.


  1. Beautiful! And the image is so cool!

  2. Oh, I hope to never lose the gift of love. Nicely said Jinksy :) Cool image too.

  3. Perhaps the 'cost' of love is high; but the 'cost' of losing love is higher. I think we all have to strive to keep finding love in our lives.

  4. love is a risk...and we never know how it will turn out...it makes me sad the loss of love...and i think love will certainly be missed in any ones passing...we give love all the time without really even noticing just by being...

  5. Love the way this flows, the rhyme scheme you used is great! Love is definitely a high-cost, high-risk proposition, but the rewards are worth it :) Thanks for joining us at Poetry Jam this week!

  6. Dear Jinksy: This poem about unrequitted on unfound love reminds me of a soulkin's poem, Rob Kistner; http://www.image-verse.com/well-traveled Same theme almost and so synchronistic this questioning...re: finding love in one's life. Enjoyed thoroughly J~

  7. 'Has the cost of loving lost allure?' What a great line, a great question .. in a great poem! I wonder ..........

  8. Lovely Jinksy and indeed love would be sorely missed.

    Anna :o]

  9. I like this Jinksy--neat that you were able to make all the pairs of lines rhyme. I vote for the allure of love myself. Thanks for posting at Poetry Jam. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Well, well, said! Thank you so much for visiting Jinksy.

  11. Surely not. I don't believe it! It's still there, it shows in the poem that you've written.

  12. Beautiful words Jinksy, absolutely agree with your musings.

  13. So many definitions of the word 'Love' - perhaps if it were the loss of loving to hate? But then when one finds joy in a few catchy rhymes can you really say all love is lost? Surely not the love of play and poetry! :)

  14. oh lord yes, we can't let love die... I like the rhythm of your poem and its unexpected rhymes too (as well as the sentiment expressed)

  15. Such a great visual of a "concept" :) Wonderful poem!