27 Jan 2012

Wrong Number?

Mary, over at IGWRT, wants a poem from us which includes conversation. After my previous post the subject of telephones remained uppermost in my mind. I still get calls from people wanting the services of a local gardener, whose telephone number differs from mine by only one digit, and many's the time I've had conversations similar to the little example I've written today:-

"Hello - who's calling?"

"Is that you? - It took an age, but now I'm through..."

"I'm sorry? Please give me a clue..."

"Is that the man who cuts my lawn?
Oh, dear the money's nearly gorn..."



  1. Have to read between the lines...

  2. How fun. I used to get early morning calls from people wanting to book a tee time for a golf course in an earlier time zone!

  3. I used to get calls like that, but I think the person whose number was close to mine has moved away. I almost find myself missing the phone calls.

  4. Neat little poem, Penny. Could you do one about the pests who call us to tell us "There's something wrong with your computer"?

  5. Fun piece. Excellent pacing too.

  6. Let's hope this wasn't a wrong call in the middle of the night! Those are so worrisome to get, but a guess a wrong number would be preferable.

    1. They often woke me up at 7am, when I'd recently retired and was hoping for an occasional lie-in!! But as I like my phone number, and have no wish to change it, I'm stuck with them still. Ho hum... :)

  7. In my former job apparently my work cell phone number was one digit different from a local guy and my coworkers would often mistakingly call him and leave messages about our work--until one day he stormed into our office and yelled at everyone about it. :) I haven't gotten many of those calls myself though.

  8. Dontcha just hate that?! What Laurie said, squared...very cute!