6 Jan 2012


I hereby declare that my animal name
has to be one which is more of a game-

an imaginary creature you won't find for real!
I know, I'm a  Dingbat! That's a name with appeal.

The ding of my bell is as good as a song,
and with bat ears to listen how could I go wrong?

My bat wings can glide with a sense of direction
which is second to none, thanks to sonar detection.

If I hang upside down I can then be objective,
for I'm sure it may help me see life in perspective.

'Down' can be 'Up' in the blink of an eye -
with a flap of my wings, the  limit's the sky!

At  IGWRT, Fireblossom asked for our inside animal to emerge, but mine is trapped in the imagination, as is every true Dingbat since time began...


  1. Haha! What fun you had with this idea, Jinksy.

  2. This is so fun to read, Jinksy. You are so very clever! I especially like the 3rd verse.

  3. Isn't that what Archie Bunker used to call Edith? Fun poem!

  4. Ha. This one was a lot of fun to read. Nice humor.

  5. Wonderful and fun!

  6. Tee hee! You are so clever. Thank you.

  7. A dingbat means something different to me, with my typographical background, but it is still a cute thing. I tried to copy and paste some here, but couldn't make it work.
    On my iMac, they're called Webdings, probably because the old printers' word "dingbat" evolved in the 20th century to mean "eccentric person". Very interesting you should choose this for your animal within.
    Your poems are always fun, and remind me I'm not the only person who no longer versifies angst.

  8. Ahh,a bat enjoying the limitless sky! Fun it is!

  9. You certainly set the bat among the pussycats! Great fun.

  10. fun. i do think dingbat is what Archie called Edith, and it's also a word my mother used a lot. thanks for the little blast this morning!

  11. Hey, I enjoyed that cheeky bat poem Pen - dave