27 Jan 2012

Telephone Torture

 Mr KnowItAll chose a picture for his 55 this week which brought special memories to mind. World time differences can have a lot to answer for...

My brother moved to NZ where time has gone to pot.
Ma was never certain of the time his clock had got
when hers was showing something else - a unrelenting crime!
She’d telephone him in his bed when it was his nighttime
at three, or four or five a.m., her timing less than fine.

And as Poetry Jam asked us to write about 'senses' - this is  all about the downside of a sense of time! LOL


  1. Look on the bright side. At least he's the same side of the International Date Line.

  2. yeah those time zones suck when you are apart...i used to travel so i have played this game a bit with my wife...

  3. ...that's when you let the answering machine kick in ;)

  4. I have to remind my family not to call me after 8:00 their time which is 9:00 my time (bedtime for me). That's only an hour difference. Can't imagine several time zones away.

  5. For some reason getting the time right to the east is so difficult. Nice one.

  6. I have friends around the world .. I keep three different clocks on my I-Google page. Calculating is time consuming, isn't it? I live three time zones from family members .. I've had a few of those early morning calls!

  7. Time slots around the globe! I once called my brother on the weekend on his cell- it was
    2or3 am wherever he was !

  8. I know Jinxy, My Daughter lives in Istanbul.
    Time is askew worldwide.
    We should ALL be on Eastern Standard Time!
    Excellent 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. Thanks for the chuckle, Jinksy. You touched a nerve.

  10. This was fun. Yes, one does have to be careful when calling other time zones / or trying to Skype them!

  11. Yes, keeping the time zones straight can be really difficult! I loved your 55, Jinksy. It made me laugh!

  12. playful piece on time,

    learned something from you today, smiles.